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I'm Erika Lee


Certified Fitness Trainer and Mom

BCRPA CPT, Weight, and Group Fitness Trainer

Whilst in the thick of my fitness career journey life threw out a bunch of curve balls.

I found out I was pregnant the summer of 2019. No big deal (ok, a huge deal) we'll manage. I studied anatomy and physiology. Designed and practiced my own workout routines all while baking my l'il bun. I knew there was mandatory down time post-baby but I was already thinking ahead and ready to pounce back into fitness as soon as my body was able.

Then, boom! global pandemic...

We were two months into the world shutting down when I gave birth to my daughter. Fortunately, with her being my first, I had no other experience to compare this to. However, I was heartbroken by the fact that my plans on attending any 'mommy and me' classes where no longer existent. 

So, I had to make due and do it myself.

With only 10-20 minutes between naps and feedings I was able to squeeze in my workouts in little time and in little spaces. Thanks to quarantine, I felt alone during both my new mom and post-partum fitness journey. Now, with all the adaptations in technology and the fitness industry, I am able to reach out an workout with those who may have experienced the same. 

My Vision

My goal is to design and provide a variety of fun and do-able workouts for anybody in any space.

I hope to inspire and inform while guiding you through each movement offering modifications and alternatives along the way.


As long as you have a space the size of a yoga mat and with little to no equipment*, I aim to get you sweating and smiling.

*please read class descriptions for recommended equipment

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