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28 Days Later: A Fitness Challenge

How are you sticking to that New Year's resolution now that we are a month into 2022? neither...

In fact, this year has already kicked my butt and we're only one month into it! For some reason this January seemed to have dragged on. Just like the past two pandemic ridden years, I'm feeling a bit zombie-ish some days. I crave braaaiiiiins. Ok, well not actual brains, but I do get a sweet tooth now and then and really wish my brain was en pointe like I had planned going into 2022.

I am in need of some motivation. I need something to keep me honest (and not just my super chatty toddler, atm..) Something to keep me accountable. Something that is non-negotiable that I must do everyday. It’s also gotta be something that is not too intense because I am notoriously great at going hard for a week, burning out and then never looking back. Sound familiar?!

So…..How about a fitness challenge?

Now, before you roll your eyes and click away, here are the details:

  • Everyday during the month of February I encourage you to intentionally move your body for 28 minutes!

That’s it!

No 20,937 push-ups a day, or holding a plank for 45 mins. All you have to do is move your body for at least 28 minutes a day for 28 days. It doesn’t even have to be done in one chunk of time, either. Studies have shown that if done efficiently, shorter bursts of exercise are just as effective! So you can break it down to two 14 minute sessions of movement.

Some ideas of what to do:

  • Go for a walk/run/hike

  • Dancing.

    • Have a dance party in your bedroom while you get dressed in the morning, or after work. While cooking in the kitchen, or do a 14 minute jig on your lunch break!

  • Yoga (with Adrienne, ‘cause lets face it: she’s awesome)

  • This little 14 min session can be done twice a day and hits all the good spots

  • Join me online for one of my many workout classes!

Follow along with me online and let’s reverse the curse and go from zombie to the radiant human beans that we are!

Join the private Facebook Group where we can cheer each other on, hold each other up and share our February movement journeys!

Happy Movement Friends, you got this! ❤

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