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4 body weight exercises to do anytime anyday! You don't even have to get off the ground

With only four beginner friendly exercises you can get yourself ready to tackle the day in less than 15 minutes. They are all bodyweight (no equipment required) exercises that can be done in any space. Better yet, you don't even need to get off the ground!

Also, there are modifications to match any fitness level. So when you start feeling like you've leveled up, which you will if you practice these everyday, there are plenty of ways to spice up this quick routine!

1 - Diaphragmic, or belly, Breathing

5 reps

This is a great way to check in with your self before the thoughts of the day ahead come flooding in. I know the moment I wake up, if I didn't write my to-do list the night before, my brain starts stirring with all the tasks that need to be done in the few hours ahead.

Belly breathing gives your body and mind that little extra bit of time to wake up. Maybe set an intention for the day, think thoughts of gratitude, and most importantly: breathe.

Aside from being an exercise in mindfulness, diaphragmic breathing is also an excellent way to tap into and activate our Transverse abdominis, your "corset" muscle. We, should, use this muscle all day. It literally holds us together and supports the spine day in and day out. Without a well conditioned TA, you are setting yourself up for un-fun ailments like lower back, knee, and in some cases ankle pain.

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2 - Deadbug

10 reps

This is an excellent exercise to wake up the abdominals before jumping into your hectic days. Whether you sit at a desk or chase around highly mobile children, you use your core all day everyday. Aside from being one of the most prized 'mirror', or ego, muscles, a strong core not only looks good, but serves a very strong (pun intended) purpose.

You have no bones in the front of your belly. That means that your inners are just there, floating around all willy-nilly and unbeknownst to what kind of danger they may be in. Ok, so there's a little bit more physiology going on there. But, my point being that your abdominal muscles are here to help protect your important insides!

Another major function of your abdominals is supporting your spine. Your Transverse Abdominis is a muscle that wraps around your entire torso, like a corset, and helps keep everything secure and in place. Without strong core muscles you are very likely to put strain on your back as it struggles to hold the weight of your belly. The deadbug is also a great exercise for the Rectus abdominis, aka the 'six pack' muscles.

Having a strong core comes with a plethora of benefits. A great thing about the dead bug exercise is that there are many modifications to match any mood, capability, and fitness level!

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3 - Glute bridge

10 reps

A classic. Who woulda thunk humping the air would have so many great benefits?!

But for serious, glute activation (or lack there of), is a huge issue in many people in our society. We spend so much time sitting on our wonderful cheeks, but very little time giving them the attention that they deserve.

Having strong gluteal muscles may not only inspire you to wear slightly tighter yoga pants, but will also help you out tremendously in the pain-free and good posture goal department, too.

Click here to learn more about how to do a proper Glute Bridge.

4 - Push-ups

10 reps

A "love it or hate it" classic.

Push-ups are a functional exercise due to the fact that they work so many muscle groups simultaneously. This is a factor as to why so many people may loathe doing them. When done correctly push-ups can be hard!

Luckily there are many many alternatives and modifications for those who may shudder every time they hear the word.

Click here to learn more about modifications on how to do a push-up.


Start off by doing each exercise with their amount of recommended repetitions and repeat as a circuit 1-3 times. Once you've noticed your improvement, which you WILL notice if you stick to it for at least 3 weeks, you can advance each movement to either a different modification, higher reps, or more sets!

This routine can be done several times a day, everyday. It fits in very nicely with our 28 Days Later Fitness challenge!

Stay strong, and keep moving friends! ❤


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