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Now's the time to plant your goals!

I have developed quite the green thumb over the last couple of years. Gardening not only gifts me and my family with delicious homegrown goods, but I've also been able to take away some very valuable and applicable life lessons as well.

While walking my daughter one sunny, yet chilly, late fall day I walked past a neighbour. She was out planting bulbs for spring. Planting bulbs was one garden task I have never attempted yet and, frankly, found it intimidating. So, I started picking her brain.

"They take a little bit of preparation and work," she said, "but once you're done, that's it! Sometimes they can even re-plant themselves and come back year after year."

Filled with good feels (as any pleasant conversation about gardening will do) I carried on with our walk. But then it struck me:

Now is the the time to plant bulbs for a spring bloom, just as now (and basically anytime) is a perfect time to set your fitness/movement goals!

Planting at this time of year would seem the least idealistic for a plant. Plants need warmth, and sunlight. Don't they?! Otherwise they would just rot in the ground. Not necessarily though. Take the strawberry for example: for a strawberry seed to germinate it actually NEEDS to experience a short amount of time in freezing temperatures. Then, come spring it will start to grow (and quickly)!

Just as we head into the cold dreary winter months filled with over indulging, under moving, and lack of sunshine(hello darkness my old friend...), it is daunting to start setting our goals. Looking ahead at these next few months with exercise and fitness goals in mind may seem like a lost cause, however, there are actually so many little things you can do to help ensure your goals bloom come next spring or summer.

Perhaps now is not the time to jump onto that diet or start your calorie deficient plan or even that 30 day booty challenge. In fact, doing so will almost guarantee you're setting yourself up for failure come the holidays. Hey, we've all been there. But! Instead of looking down the road and seeing the daunting rack focus of your unobtainable goals, let's start by digging a hole in the dirt and prepare ourselves.

During these next couple of 'slow' months you can start where ever it is comfortable for you. Perhaps you make note of having that extra glass of water, or walking to the next bus stop for a few extra steps. Hell, we can even start at the VERY beginning or fresh slate by writing down some movement goals you had in mind! You want to lose 'X' amount of pounds. Ok. Or. You want to be able to do 10 pushups or hold a plank without thinking of exactly how one would chew their own leg off to get out of the exercise? Great. That's a goal!

By thinking about, and writing down, your thoughts and goals now you are already making huge progress towards your future mover self. Coming from an incredibly impulsive person, I thoroughly understand the feeling of "GOTTA FIX THIS NAOW!" But, now is not the time. Now is the time to slowly collect what it is you're aiming for. Now is the time to germinate.

By taking this time to allow yourself the space and truly believing in your future self, you are setting out your roots. Right now it takes a little bit of preparation and patience. But come the warmer months (or whenever you're ready) you will bust through the earth with leaves, or hands, up strong and proud ready to bloom year after year!

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