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7 Exercises you could (and should!) do everyday for a happier, pain-free and well balanced body

You'll come across all sorts of fitness and wellness advice. "Do 100 burpees a day for a better life," may resonate with some, but lets face it: some advice is just downright silly.

These 7 exercises where chosen by their functionality and accessibility. All can be done at home using your bodyweight, no equipment necessary. And every exercise can be adjusted to match your current state in your fitness journey. Whether you just started looking at where to start or you're a tried and true veteran, these 7 exercises will help maintain a happier, healthier, pain-free body.

The List:

  1. Diaphragmatic Breathing

  2. Glute Bridge

  3. Dead Bug

  4. Push Up

  5. Squat

  6. Chin Tucks

  7. Chest Expansion

1 - Diaphragmatic (belly) Breathing

How to:

  • On a flat surface (the floor) lay on your back, feet flat on the floor knees pointing up. Place your hands on your belly

  • Begin slowly breathing in through your nose. Inhale until you cannot possibly inhale anymore.

  • Let your chest and belly rise as much as they need. This may feel silly but, I promise you, its worth it. *note: do not force arch your back. Aim to keep your spine neutral on the floor

  • Once you've filled your lungs to the maximum begin exhaling slowly through your mouth. *note: purse your lips as if you are trying to blow bubbles or blowing out a candle

  • Engaging your abdominals by "squeezing" out every last bit of air you possibly can

  • Hold for a quick moment before inhaling again

  • Once you get more comfortable with this exercise you can aim to exhale for longer than you inhale

If you're new to diaphragmatic breathing, start by doing 5 good deep breaths. As you get more familiar with it you can do this as much as 5-10mins several times a day.

Why do this?

Diaphragmatic breathing has a plethora of benefits both physiologically and psychologically. It acts as a 'reset' for your body. It can help manage anxiety and many other stress related ailments.