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New Year's Ease! A gentle beginning to a strong start

As I sit here writing this I am very much aware of my over consumption during the holidays. Plenty of baking, eating of said baking, mixing drinks, and drinking of said drinks, and lots and lots of big hearty dinners (and breakfasts!) And all done with little to no exercise.

Honestly, I think I maybe squeezed in only a handful of workouts for myself this entire month! Great track record for a fitness student....

Do I feel like a soggy diaper on a well hydrated toddler, yes. Are my joints stiff and creaky, yes. Do I practically shudder while looking at my box full of exercise gear, also yes.

BUT! I'm not going to slather myself with regrets and self-doubt, as I normally do this time every year. Far too many January's I've jumped hard into the deep end only to be completely burnt out and discouraged after a month or so. This year I am allowing the space to slowly grow and develop a groove that is practical, achievable, and effective. (Contrary to this post's cover photo, I am very excited to start moving again)

I enjoyed myself this December. I'm happy I had good foods, drinks and laughs with friends and family. I'm also happy that the gauntlet is just about over and life can resume to normal. As normal as it can being during a never ending pandemic...

With New Year's literally just around the corner in our world still affected by new variants and lockdowns, now is a great time to maximize our movement using what we have. Exercising a gentle, inclusive, and not-taking-myself-too-seriously approach my goal is to create a community for anyone in any body in any space to be able to move, make and reach their fitness goals.

For the month of January I'm offering a variety of online workout classes by donation. I'm also brewing up some useful resources including proper form and how-to videos. So don't touch that dial! This year is going to be great!

Whether you want to loose weight, look good nekked, improve your flexibility, or just feel like moving, I'll be your workout buddy! Try out one class, or take them all! I'm ready to grow with you on your journey this year, which ever path you choose to take.

Join me as we ease into our movement routines of 2022.

Check out and sign-up for a class or more!

Happy New Year everyone!!!!

Let's be friends!



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