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Feeling Good February! 28 Days of Movement Challenge 2023

Holy moly it's almost February again (and not 2020)!

That means it's time to kick off our 2nd annual Feeling Good February: 28 Days of Movement challenge!

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Using the word challenge here can make it sound a lot more daunting than it actually is. This is not one of those "GET SHREDDED IN 5 DAYS" kinda ordeals. This is a much gentler, and way more realistic, approach to getting the body moving. 'Cause let's face it: January can be hard.

What do?!

Simple! For each of February's 28 days you move your body for at least 28 minutes! It doesn't even have to be one solid chunk of time. It can even be split up into two segments throughout the day. 14 mins in the am, and 14 mins in the afternoon/evening. This is becoming affectionately known as exercise "snacking".

The exercises can be any form that works and feels good for you. Not a cardio bunny? No problem. Not interested in weight training? Cool! There are so many ways to get the body moving and the blood pumping (you don't even have to leave the house and it doesn't have to leave you drenched in sweat).

Here are some examples of things to do for this challenge:

  • Walking

  • Jogging/Running

  • Hiking

  • Participating in an exercise class -Join us online for live zoom classes throughout the week, find your favorite person on youtube, or pop in that good ol' zumba DVD

  • Yoga/Pilates

  • HIIT

  • Dancing in your bedroom/livingroom/bathroom/(dancing is encouraged absolutely everywhere, always)

  • Hitting your local gym

  • Chasing around your pets or your children......

  • Rolling around on the floor

  • Quite literally anything as long as you're moving, breathing, and (hopefully) having a good time

I've created a closed Facebook community where we can share our successes and hardships and most importantly cheer each other on!

------> Join us HERE <-----

Although being pushed out of our comfort zone is an excellent, and sometimes only, way for us to learn our boundaries and grow as human beans, not every challenge needs to push you to your limit. Start off gently. Easing into it and setting a solid foundation is the first step to developing healthier and longer lasting habits.

Happy February, Friends! Wishing you the best these next 28 days.

Stay Strong and Keep Moving!


Check out the online class schedule here!

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I also offer a more persona approach if you're wanting something more specific for you and your needs. Contact me and we can arrange a consultation to help you get closer to, or even figure out your goals :D


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