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4 tips on How and where to start a New Years fitness routine


Ah, here we are again. That inevitable time of year where the sun is setting on one year as the rise of a new one begins. A time where we might reflect on what happened over the last, incredibly fast, 12 months. A time for resolution setting, dream catching and new beginnings.

I'm not a fan of the "New Year, New Me" saying.

Like most extemporaneous goals and resolutions most of our New Year's hopes and dreams come to an end somewhere near mid-February. If you even make it that far. So much hope and wide sparkly anime eyes towards the future with little time actually thinking or visualizing how it might play out. A quick internet search on New Year fitness or exercise routines can easily result in the bombardment of websites, influencers, local fitness facilities, etc, trying to sell you New Year specials, deals or ideas. Some have alluring words such as "flat tummy," "loose arm flab," "one pill," and my personal favorite: "quick results." It is infuriating how frequent and resilient these catch phrases seem to attract good people looking for real results.

Sadly, like most things in life: It's not that easy nor fast. In real life, it takes around 6 weeks of movement and healthier eating choices to start noticing results of your effort. This is precisely why we fall off the wagon not even 10 weeks into our set resolutions. I have personally lived through the instinctual desire for fast and easy results. But the permanency of such actions is futile.

I'm not trying to bum you out or sound negative at all! This is just the truth about the majority of the "New Me's" come the new year. I am speaking from my own experience over many (too many) years. Some of my biggest resolutions included, but weren't limited to: healthier eating/drinking habits, being more financially responsible, being consistent with my exercise routine, being more positive! It only took me approximately 33 years plus becoming a mother to achieve the majority of those! (still working on spontaneous house plant purchases...)

In this post I am going to focus on the Top New Year Resolution of 2023, or basically any year for that matter: Focusing on Health and Exercise

To prevent myself from repetition throughout the rest of this post I want to start off with the K.I.S.S principle:

Keep It Simple Silly

When it comes to something like a health and wellness routine/adjustment it is tremendously individualized and subjective, and with all the information available it leads to one being easily overwhelmed.

Let's start from the top:

You go first. Prioritize yourself!

These are YOUR goals and dreams. And frankly, only YOU can achieve them. Most of our health/lifestyle resolutions will not be achieved without setting precedence. Whether that means setting your alarm clock to wake up a bit earlier, or hold off on binge watching that show for an extra half hour. If you set an appointment for yourself, say manicure, dr's appointment, even something mundane like insurance renewal, you make that time work. Why not prioritize yourself the same way?!

How much time you have? Less can be more.